Avoid the space glitches with your ship!

Made with Godot 3.1.1, for Godot Wild Jam #10

(Native builds were not tested).


Glitchy Space Escape.dmg.zip 39 MB
GlitchySpaceEscape.zip 36 MB
Glitchy Space Escape.zip 38 MB


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Managed to play the browser version in Chrome.

Cool! I had some issues with the export but I tested on several OS/browsers and in general it works.

Thanks for playing it!

Installed on Windows 10 using the Itch App. Game started up to welcome screen. Loading bar worked. Then I got the game music in my left ear only with a blank screen with scrollbars:

Yes, my audio settings and headphone were good, tested them before playing.

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I can't play it on firefox

The HTML5 export is kind of a mess. Which OS are you using? I tried Firefox on macOS and a friend on Manjaro (Linux) and it works fine.

Firefox, and Windows10

Weird, that should work. However, I just included some binaries too.

Still doesn't work

I just uploaded a new version for Windows. The .pck file was missing.